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  • Protecting your family

    No financial strategy is complete without a plan to protect loved ones from financial loss.

  • Your investments

    Wise asset allocation and careful investment selection are key to a well-balanced portfolio.

  • Your Legacy

    A detailed estate plan creates a legacy that can benefit your heirs in many ways.

  • Your Retirement

    Retirement today comes with many possibilities. We can help you make the most of every opportunity.

  • Young family

    A wise financial strategy can help keep a growing family on track during all the "growing-up" years.

  • Established Family

    Family's with older children need a wise cash flow management plan to help contend with rising expenses.

  • Retiree

    Careful planning can help ensure the highest income level to make your retirement dreams a reality.

  • Starting Out

    Starting out with a firm financial foundation is a great strategy for building a solid relationship.

  • Your child's education

    Few things in life are more rewarding than helping the next generation get a great education.

  • Single

    When life situations change a good financial strategy can help to lower the stress.

  • Income Tax Planning

    Minimizing taxes through carefully planning is one of the most powerful financial strategies available today.

  • Running a Business

    Running a successful business can be one of life's most rewarding experiences.

"Helping Clients Achieve Future Financial Security"

With all the demands on our time and energy, many people feel life is running them rather than the other way around. Streamlining your financial life plays a big part in creating the simpler life you may be seeking. If you've been looking for an approach to financial planning - a more personal appeal based on trust and mutual respect, Plus One Financial has earned a solid reputation for its unique, individual and caring program.

Your Plus One Financial representative can help you make the task of investing your money and managing your financial resources an effective one. It doesn't cost anything to have them prepare a financial plan for you and better choices are made once one is completed.

Plus One Financial is a financial services company committed to one overriding objective: helping clients achieve financial independence through a more personalized informed approach to financial planning and investing. They represent you, the client, and not the company providing the financial product. Plus One Financial will help you define your investment goals, return expectations and risk tolerance, then they will take if from there. You can just sit back and enjoy the rewards of your balanced portfolio while they dedicate themselves to reviewing your financial plan and position on a regular basis.

Plus One Financial is a full service planning company that offers Asset and retirement Planning, RRSP'S, RRIF'S, Mutual Funds, Bond Funds, GIC'S as well as Life & Disability Insurance.

There is probably nothing that has more influence on the future quality of life than proper financial planning. Your Plus One Financial representative will help you achieve financial goals, save taxes for you and your family, and build a sound financial future that minimizes the various financial risks along life's path. Contact us, you are under no obligation, for quiet, stress-free, personalized financial planning.

David M. Lapos, CFP

David M. Lapos


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